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NOW AVAILABLE: The Indomitable Spirit of Edmonia Lewis. A Narrative Biography,  by Harry Henderson ( co-author of A History of African American Art from 1792 to the Present) and Albert Henderson, winner of the eLit GOLD award: "Illuminating Digital Publishing Excellence." Independent Opinion:  "The Hendersons’ monument of research and craftsmanship seeks to give Lewis the consideration that she has been denied—not dissimilar to the artist’s own commitment to proving her competitors and critics wrong, demonstrating that a minority could take on the hegemonic tradition of fine arts. The book provides crystalline accounts of Lewis’s feuds and mentorships, as well as rich illustrations of the works being discussed throughout. Overall, the authors deliver a well-constructed mix of primary resources, critical analysis and literary flourishes." - Kirkus Reviews. "Thank you so much for your excellent research ... Your work on Edmonia Lewis will be used for many years to come by scholars, art historians, art collectors and anyone interested in knowing more about this outstanding woman"  - Dr. Sheryl Colyer.  "Lewis’s story is all at once interesting and sad. Her life, while forgotten for a while is now making a come back among art historians and this immense work helps to secure her artistic legacy." Lifelong Dewey   "A key acquisition for any arts or African-American history holding. The authors' attention to precise scholarship provides all the details of a solid linear history and biography but the end result is anything but dry: it reads with the passion and drama of good literature." Midwest Book Review  "A definitive biography" Washington Times  "5.0 of 5 stars" - Links Goodreads

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Who’s Who in the Life and Death of Edmonia Lewis.


Visual artworks


Other names, search terms, places

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Persons and portrait subjects in The Indomitable Spirit of Edmonia Lewis:

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Abraham;  Harold Adams;  Henry Adams;  John Quincy Adams;  Judge Adams;  Lissie Adams;  Louisa May Alcott;  Fred Allen;  Bishop Richard Allen;  William Alvord;  Sarah Fisher Clampitt Ames;  Hans Christian Anderson;  Gov. John Albion Andrew;  Susan B. Anthony;  Cardinal Antonelli;  Nathan Appleton;  Alexander Archer;    Samuel Chapman Armstrong; Bishop Benjamin W. Arnett;  Alexander P. Ashbourne;  Louisa, Lady Ashburton;  Atahualpa;  J. S. N. Atwell;  Augustus Caesar;

Linda Parris-Bailey;  Thomas Ball;  Alfred Cutler Barnes;  Ferdinand L. Barnett;  François Barois;  Richmond Barthé;  Elizabeth Bartol;  Romare Bearden;  Henry Ward Beecher;  John Bell;  Horace Bender;  Dwight Benton;  Bernini;  Claude Bertin;  Ben Beverly;  Black Hawk;  Lyman Blair;  Geoffrey Blodgett;  Marie-Pauline Bonaparte;  Rosa Bonheur;  Borghese. See Marie-Pauline Bonaparte;  Charles Borromeo;  Henry I. Bowditch;  Alma J. Boyer;  John Bozeman;  Edward A. Brackett;  Enrico Braga;  Phillips Brooks;  Preston Smith Brooks;  Broose. See Bruce; Denise Ward Brown;  Eddie C. Brown;  Henry Kirke Brown;  John Brown;  William Wells Brown;  Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Robert Browning;  Charlie Bruce;  Melissa Bruce;  William Cullen Bryant;  Eva Carter Buckner;  Kirsten Pai Buick; Laura Curtis Bullard;  Michele Buoninsegna;  Christopher Busta-Peck;  Marquess of Bute; Marquis of Bute; John Patrick Crichton-Stuart Bute; Lord Byron;

Augustus Caesar; Octavian Caesar; Guido Cagnacci;  John C. Calhoun;  Damià Capeny;  Antonio Canova;  Jane Carlyle;  Thomas Carlyle;  Cornelia Carr. See Cornelia Crow;  Henry Carter; John Catron;  Cellini;  Elizabeth Buffum Chace;  Maria Weston Chapman; Mrs.Chapman;  Barbara Chase-Riboud;  Silas Francis Marean Chatard;  Ednah Dow Cheney;  Charles Chickering; Lydia Maria Child; Mrs.Child;  Hugh Edward Cholmeley; Isabel Curtis Cholmeley;  William J. Clark;  Sara Jane Clarke. See Grace Greenwood;  Henry Clay;  Cleopatra;  Clio;  Clytie;  Christopher Columbus;  John Condon;  Roscoe Conkling;  Eliza Cook; James Fenimore Cooper;  Bill Cosby; Camille Cosby;  John Sell Cotman;  Charles Austin Cox;  Thomas CrawfordCrazy Horse;  David Goodman Croly;  Cornelia Crow;  Wayman Crow;  Isabel Curtis. See Cholmeley;  Charlotte Cushman;  Gen. George A. Custer;

John Thomas Dale;  Caroline Wells Healy Dall;  Marianne Dascomb (Lady Principal);  Benjamin Disraeli;  Richard Dixon;  Donatello;  Charles Douglass; Frederick Douglass;  Helen Douglass; Robert M. Douglass, Jr.;  David Driskell;  W. E. B. Du Bois;  Robert Scott Duncanson;  Albrecht Dürer;

Thomas Eakins;  Amelia Blandford Edwards;  Ralph Ellison;  Ralph Waldo Emerson;  Ificelo Ercole;  Walter O. Evans;  Edward Everett;  Moses Ezekiel;

Pio Fedi;  Kate Field; Annie Adams Fields; James T. Fields;  Charles Grandison Finney;  Margaret F. Foley;  Bishop Thomas Patrick Roger Foley;  Edith (Violet) Forbes;  Edith Emerson Forbes;  William Hathaway Forbes;  John W. Forney;  Saint Francis Xavier;  Benjamin Franklin;  John Hope Franklin;  Daniel Freeman;  Florence Freeman;  James E. Freeman;  Mrs. James E. Freeman (Horatia Augusta Latilla); Daniel Chester French;  Anselm Friedrich Fuerbach;  Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller;

Thomas Gainsborough;  Henry Highland Garnet;  William Lloyd Garrison;  George of Prussia;  Virginia Lucy Gerres;  Giambologna;  John Gibson;  Joshua Reed Giddings;  Isabella Gifford;  Christoph W. Gluck;  Lady Godiva;  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe;  Thomas R. Gould;  Wm. J. Gradon;  Billy Graham;  Ulysses S. Grant; Esther Greeley;  Horace Greeley;  Horatio Greenough;  Richard S. Greenough;  Grace Greenwood;  Leonard Grimes;  Pietro Guarnerio;  Guatimozin; George Gurney;

Hagar;  Clara Hale;  Edmund Halley;  George Frideric Handel;  Montague Handley;  Albert E. Harnisch;  Joel Hart; Alonzo Hartwell;  James Henry Haseltine;  Julian Hawthorne; Nathaniel Hawthorne;  Sophia Hawthorne;  Una Hawthorne;  Rutherford B. Hayes;  Matilda Hays;  Hazeltine. See Haseltine;  George P. A. Healy;  William Wallace Hebbard;  Hesper;  Hiawatha;  Edmonia Highgate;  William C. Hill;  Oliver Wendell Holmes;  Homer;  Hugh Honour;  bell hooks;  Edmonia Hopkins;  Harriet (Hatty) Hosmer;  Adaline Turpin Howard;

Adeline (Addie) Turpin Howard;  Alfred G. Howard;  Edwin F. Howard;  Imogen Howard;  Julia Ward Howe;  William Dean Howells;  Hoxie. See Ream, Vinnie;  Huascar;  Robert Ball Hughes;  Harriot Kezia Hunt;  Sarah Augusta Hunt;  Hygeia;

Iganatius of Loyola;  J. S. Ingram;  John Ireland;  Isabella of Spain;  Ishmael;  Chauncey Bradley Ives;

Edmonia Jackson;  Helen Hunt Jackson;  Henry James;  James Jackson Jarves;  Thomas Jefferson;  Geraldine E. Jewsbury;  Andrew Johnson; Mary Augusta Johnson;  William F. Johnson;  William Henry Johnson;  Basil H. Johnston;  John Jones;  Mary Jones;  Saint Joseph;  Albert Bruce-Joy;

John Keep;  Mrs. Keep (Lydia H. Keep);  Harmon Kelley;  Harriet Kelley;  Martin Parry Kennard;  John F. Kennedy;  John Crookshanks King;  Sarah Knox-Goodrich;  Yusef Komunyakaa;

Gérard de Lairesse;  Louisa Lander;  John Mercer Langston;  Horatia Augusta Latilla;  Louise Lawson;  Robert E. Lee;  Leo XIII;  Frank Leslie; Cinderella Lewis;  Dioclesian Lewis; Dio Lewis; Mary Augusta Lewis; Edmonia Lewis. See also Maria Ignatia (baptismal name);  Mary Lewis;  Samuel Lewis (father);  Samuel E. Lewis (nephew);  Samuel W. Lewis; (brother);  Abraham Lincoln;  Leander K. Lippincott;  Sara Jane Clarke Lippincott.. See Grace Greenwood;  Franz Liszt;  Robert Livingston;  John Logan;  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow;  Samuel Longfellow;  Loring Lothrop;  Toussaint L'Ouverture;  Mrs. C. L. Low;  Lucretia;  Priscilla Lund;  Edward Bulwer-Lytton;

Madonna. See also Virgin;  Lefano Maisit;  Andrea Malfatti;  The Malinche;  Horace Mann;  Abby Manning;   Adeline Manning;  Marc Antony;  Doña Marina;  George Perkins Marsh;  Augustus Marshall;  Mrs. James Murray Mason;  Wilhelm Mathieu;  John Cardinal McCloskey;  Alexander McNair;  Medea;  Felix Mendelssohn;  Sallie Mercer;  Michelangelo;  Catherine Mike;  Caty Mike;  Jane Mike;  John Mike;  William Miller;  Martin Millmore;  Capt. S. R. Mills;  Minnehaha;  Minnehaha’s father;  Constant F. Minns;  Frances Antoinette Minns;  Mrs. Robert Bowne Minturn, née Susanna Shaw;   Robert Minturn;  Miriam;  Montezuma;  J. P. Morgan;  Daniel Johnson Morrell;  Samuel E. Morss;  Moses;  Wolfgang A. Mozart;  Joseph Mozier;  Freeman H. M. Murray;  Willis Nazery;  Bartolomo Neroni;  Robert J. Nevin;  John Henry Newman;  Nokomis;  Nydia;

Sister Anthony O’Connell;  Octavian Caesar;  Frank OrlandOsceola;  Johann Friedrich Overbeck;

Giovanni P. Palestrina;  Erastus Dow Palmer;  John Parker;  Rosa Parks;  Blaise Pascal;  Mary Jane Patterson;  Paul of Tarsus;  Daniel A. Payne;  Elizabeth Palmer Peabody;  David Jones Peck;  William Peckham;  Mary Pell;  I. Garland Penn;  Perseus;  Adelaide Phillips;  Ann Greene Phillips;  Wendell Phillips;  Pius IX;  Platner;  Plutarch;  Pocahontas;  Edgar Allen Poe;  Peter S. Porter;  Hiram Powers; V. C. Prinsip;  Robert Purvis;  Putnam;  Caroline Putnam;  Caroline Remond Putnam;  George P. Putnam;

Josiah Quincy;

Vincenzo Ragusa;  Vinnie Ream;  Rebecca;  Red Jacket;  Charles Lenox Remond;  John Remond;  Maritcha Remond;  Nancy Remond;  Sarah Parker Remond;  Guido Reni;  W. P. Renn;  Joshua Reynolds;  Richard Rhodes;  James H. Ricau, Jr.;  Riccio;  Marilyn Richardson;  William Henry Rinehart;  Robert Ritner;  Antoine Rivalz;  Howard Roberts;  Henry Rocher;  Norman Rockwell;  Auguste Rodin;  John Rogers;  Randolph Rogers;  Carole Ross;  Edmund Gibson Ross;  Gioachino Rossini;  John Rowe;  George Lewis Ruffin;  Christopher Rush;  John Ruskin;  Pelagie Rutgers;

Sagoyewatha;  Augustus Saint-Gaudens;  Sallust;  John Patterson Sampson;  George Sand;  Henry Robertson Sandbach;  Sappho;  Sarah;  John T. Sargent;  Mrs. J. T. Sargent;  Augusta Savage;  Carolyne Sayn-Wittgenstein;  Loren Schweninger;  Dred Scott;  Eliza Scudder;  Semiramis;  Sequoyah;  Harriet Winslow  Sewall;  Samuel E. Sewall;  William H. Seward;  Francis Shaw;  Robert Gould Shaw;  Sarah Shaw;  Philip H. Sheridan;  Roger Sherman;  William Tecumseh Sherman;  Vivian Shipley;  Franklin Simmons;  G. B. Simonds;  Sitting Bull;  Gerrit S. Smith;  J. J. Smith;  E. G. Squier;  Edwin M. Stanton;  Elizabeth Cady Stanton;  Charles Stebbins;  Emma Stebbins;  Henry G. Stebbins;  Karl Steinhäuser;  Thaddeus Stevens;  Hannah E. Stevenson;  Lucy Stone;  Joseph Story;  Julian Story; Waldo Story;  William Wetmore Story;  Harriet Beecher Stowe;  Gilbert Stuart;  Rosalie Sully;  Thomas Sully;  Charles Sumner;  Billy Sunday;  Sunrise;

Tachnedorus;  Adamo Tadolini;  Enrico Tadolini;  Giulio Tadolini;  Scipione Tadolini;  Tito Tadolini;  Loredo Taft;  Benjamin T. Tanner;  Henry Ossawa Tanner;  Tecumseh; Eileen Tenney;  Richard Tenney;  Henry Thatcher;  Antoinette Thomas;  James Peck Thomas;  Tom Thumb; George Ticknor; Samuel J. Tilden; Theodore Tilton; Sojourner Truth; Henry T. Tuckerman;  Henry McNeal Turner;  Mark Twain;

Muse Urania;  Levina Buoncuore Urbino;

John H. Van Evrie;  James Varick;  Luella Vaney;  Elihu Vedder;  Venus;  Giuseppe Verdi;  Jones Very;  Victor Emmanuel II;  Virgin. See also Madonna;  Leonard Volk;  Voltaire;  Carlo Voss;  Karl Voss;

Richard Wagner;  J. Q. A. Ward;  Booker T. Washington;  George Washington;  Anna Quincy Waterston;  Helen Ruthven Waterston;  Robert Waterston;  Anthony Wayne;  Daniel Webster;  George Wein;  Theodore Weld; Ida B. Wells;  Phillis Wheatley;  Alfred White;  Anne Whitney;  Sarah Whitney;  John Greenleaf Whittier;  Frances E. Willard;  Lizzie Williams;  Roger Williams;  Judith Wilson;  Emile Wolf;  Shakspere Wood;  Henry Wreford;  AA Wright;  Albert Alan Wright;  William W. Wright



Visual Artworks (except portraits) in The Indomitable Spirit of Edmonia Lewis:

Tip: titles and artists' names may not appear in the text exactly as they do below.

Abolition of Slavery in the United States (Pezzicar);  Adoration of the Magi, The (Lewis);  Africa Awakening (Whitney);  African-American Clergyman (Lewis);  African Sibyl (Hosmer);  America (Bell);  Angel of Grief, The (Story);  Angel of the Waters, The (Stebbins);  Asleep (Lewis);  Awake (Lewis);

Bagpipe Lesson, The (Tanner); Bride of Spring, The (Lewis);

Cléopàtre mourant (Barois);  Clytie Turned into a Sunflower (Lewis);  Columbus Doors (R. Rogers); Dancing Girl, The (Canova);

Death of Cleopatra, The (Lewis). Also Dying CleopatraDeath of Cleopatra, The (Prinsip); Dying Gladiator, The (Antique);  Dying Niobid, The (Antique); Dying Slave, The (Michelangelo);

Forced Prayer, The (Guarnerio);  Forever Free (Lewis); Freed Woman and Her Child, The (Lewis);  Freedman (Ward);  Freedwoman. See Freed Woman;

Greek Slave, The (Powers); Gross Clinic, The (Eakins);

Indian Girl, The (Palmer); Indian Hunter, The (Ward); Indian Maiden’s Lament, The (Mozier);  Indians in Battle (Lewis); Indians Wrestling. See Indians in Battle (Lewis);

Landing of Columbus, The (Lewis);  Last of Her Tribe, The (Powers);  Learning to Play the Bagpipes (Tanner);  Liberty / Triumphant in War and Peace (Crawford);  Libyan Sibyl, The (Story);  Lincoln with His Proclamation (Lewis);  Love Caught in a Trap (Lewis);  Ludovisi Throne (Antique);

Marriage of Hiawatha, The (Lewis);  Minute Man 1775 (French); Morning of Liberty, The (Lewis);

Native American ancestor (Lewis);  Night (Lewis);  Nydia, the Blind Girl of Pompeii (Rogers);

 Old Arrow Maker, The (Lewis);  Olive Trees at San Remo (Lewis);  Our Martyr (Bannister); Oxen Plowing (Bonheur);

Pietà (Michelangelo);  Poor Cupid (Lewis);  Preghiera (Lewis);  Première Pose, La (Roberts);

Rape of Polyxena, The (Fedi); Rape of the Sabine Women, The (Giambologna);  Religious Liberty (Ezekiel);  Roma (Whitney);  Roman Girls on the Seashore (Vedder)

Savoyard Boy, The (Freeman); Seasons, The (Lewis); Shipwrecked Mother and Child, The (Brackett);  Slave Auction, The (Rogers); Slave, The (Buoninsegna);  Sleeping Faun (Hosmer); Soldier (Lewis); Soldiers and Sailors Monument, The (Rogers); Spirit of the Carnival (Ream); Spring (Lewis);

Temple of Fame (Hosmer);

Under the Oaks (Bannister);

Veiled Bride of Spring, The (Lewis);

Wept of Wish-ton-Wish, The (Mozier); West, The (Ream); Woman dressed as an Italian farm girl / contadina (Lewis);  Woman Triumphant (Hart);  Woman with a rose in her hair (Lewis);  Woman with plaited hair (Lewis); Wooing of Hiawatha, The (Lewis).


Publications mentioned in the text of The Indomitable Spirit of Edmonia Lewis:

Tip: titles and authors may not appear in the text exactly as they do below.

Albany Capitol;  Alden’s Illustrated Family Magazine;  American Catholic Who’s Who, The;  American Cyclopedia;  Appeal in Favor of That Class of Americans Called Africans, An (Child);  Appletons' Annual Cyclopædia;  Art-Idea (Jackson); Art-Journal (London);  Art Journal (New York);  Athenæum (London);  Atlanta Constitution;  Atlantic Monthly;

Baltimore Sun;  Beadle’s Monthly;  Black Man: His Antecedents …, The (Brown);  Book of the Artists (Tuckerman); Boston American Traveller;  Boston Commonwealth;  Boston Daily Traveller;  Boston Evening Record;  Boston Every Saturday;  Boston Liberator;  Boston Transcript;  Broad Ax;  Brooklyn Eagle;

Chicago Evening Post;  Chicago Tribune;  Christian Recorder;  Christian Register;  Cleopatra (Story);  Colored American;

Dial, The;

Edinburgh Scotsman;  Edmonia Lewis (The young colored woman who has successfully modelled the bust of Colonel Shaw) (Waterston); Evangeline (Longfellow);

Fort Wayne Gazette;  Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper;  Freedmen’s Record;

Great American Sculptures (Clark);  Great Expectations (Dickens);  Guardian;

Half Sisters (Jewsbury);  Hartford Courant;  Herald of Health;  History of African American Artists from 1792 to the Present, A (Bearden and Henderson);  How Edmonia Lewis Became an Artist;

Illinois Teacher;  Independent;  Indianapolis News;  Indianapolis Sentinel;  Invisible Man (Ellison);

Janesville Gazette;

Ladies’ Repository;  Ladies’ Visitor;  Last Days of Pompeii, The (Lytton);  Liberator;  Literary World;  Lorain County News;  Lothair (Disraeli);

Marble Faun, The (Hawthorne);  Medical Times and Gazette;  Murray’s Handbook of Rome;

 Narrative (Truth); National Anti-Slavery Standard;  New York Age;  New York Daily Graphic;  New York Evening Post;  New York Herald Tribune;  New York Journal;  New York Times;  New-York Tribune;  North Star;  Northwestern Chronicle;

Oberlin Review;

Progressive American;  Petersburg Index;  Philadelphia Press;  Phrenological Journal;  Pioneer Press;  Prang’s Chromo;  Profiles in Courage (Kennedy);  Progress: For the Promotion of the Fine Arts;  Punchinello;  Putnam’s Magazine;

Raven, The (Poe);  Reason Why the Colored American is Not in the World’s Columbian Exposition, The;  Revolution, The;  Rising Son, The (Brown);  Roba di Roma (Story);  Roman World;  Romance of the Republic (Child); Rosary, The;  Round Table, The;

San Francisco Chronicle;  San Francisco Daily Morning Call;  San Francisco Elevator;  San Francisco Evening Bulletin;  San Francisco Pacific Appeal;  San Jose Patriot;  San Jose Mercury;  Saturday Evening Post;  Six Black Masters of American Art (Bearden and Henderson);  Song of Hiawatha, The (Longfellow);  Statue, “The Death of Cleopatra,” The (Shipley);

Tablet, The;  Thousand Miles Up the Nile, A (Edwards);

Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Stowe);

West Eau Claire Argus;  What Constitutes A Negro! (Buckner);  Wisconsin Lumberman;  Woman’s Journal;

Zeitschrift für bildende Kunst;  Zoe, A History of Two Lives (Jewsbury).


Other names, search terms, and places mentioned in The Indomitable Spirit of Edmonia Lewis:

Tips: names and terms may not appear in the text exactly as they do below. For more search terms, see also Critics, Descriptions, and Favorite Quotations. 

Abolition and abolitionist;  Akwesasne Mohawk Nation;  Albany;  AME Church;  AME Zion Church;  American College in Rome;  American Revolution;  anti-slavery;  Atlanta World’s Fair. See International Cotton States Exposition;  Aunt Jemima;

Black codes;  black robes; Blackfoot;  Boston;  Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society;  Borgo Vecchio;  Boston marriage;  British Museum;  Brook Green;  Brooklyn;

Calvinist; Catholic Church. See also Roman Church,  Roman Catholic Church;  Caughnawaga. See also Kahnawake;  Cherokee;  Cheyenne;  Chicago Exposition. See Interstate Exposition;  Chicago World’s Fair. See Columbian Exposition;  Childs & Co. gallery;  Chippewa. See also Chippeway;  Christie's; Church of England;  Cincinnati; City of Chester; Civil Rights Act of 1875;  Civil War;  Clark Street;  Cleveland;  Colfax massacre;  Colored Orphan Asylum;  Colored Soldiers' Fair;  colored sculptor,  Columbian Exposition, Cowan, Chicago, 1893;  Currier & Ives;

Declaration of Independence;  Dred Scott decision;  Duomo;

Earls Court Road;  Edmonia Lewis Center for Women and Transgender People;  Emancipation Proclamation;  L’Exposition Universelle,  Paris, 1867;

Fifteenth Amendment;  Fisk University; Florence, Italy;  Forest Park Historical Society;  Fourteenth Amendment; Freeborn & Co.;  Freedmen’s Bureau Act;

Gabriel's Auctions; Genesee Falls, NY;  Grand Festival March (Wagner);  Grand River First Nation; Great Spirit; Good Spirit; 

Haiti;  Hamburg massacre;  Hammersmith Infirmary;  Hampton; Herkimer Street;  Hotel Allemagna;  Hotel Costanzi;  Howard Colored Orphan Asylum;  Howard University; 

Inca;  Indian name; International and Cotton States Exposition, Atlana, 1895;  International Art Association, Chicago;  International Hotel;  Interstate Exposition, Chicago, 1878;  Iroquois; Ishkoodah;

Jesuit;  Jew;  Jim Crow;  John Brown’s Body;

Kahnawake (Caughnawaga);  Kanien:keha’ka. See Mohawk;  Kensington

Liverpool Museums;  Locanda Costanzi;

McGraw;  Mississauga;  Mohawk ;  Mount Auburn Cemetery;

Negro wench;  New England Freedmen’s Aid Society;  New York Central College;  New York City;  Newark; Niagara Falls;  National Academy of Design;  nude or nudity;

Oberlin;  Oblate Sisters of Providence;  Our Lady of Victories church;

Palazzo Barberini;  Palazzo Moroni;  Paris World’s Fair. See L’Exposition Universelle;  Penobscot;  Pérreire; Philadelphia;  Piazza Barbieri;  Piazza di Spagna;  Pincian Gardens; Pincian Hill;  Plessy v. Ferguson;

Quirinal Hill;

Reconstruction;  Richmond; Rome;

Saint Francis Xavier;  Saint Paul;  Salt Lake City;  San Domingo;  San Francisco; San Francisco Art Association;  San Jose;  secrets;  Seminole Indians;  Seneca;  Shiloh;  Sioux;  Skinner, Inc.; Smithsonian American Art Museum;  Society of the Divine Savior;  Sotheby's; Store St.;  strange sisterhood;  suffrage;  Suhkuhegarequa;  Sunrise;  Syracuse;

Thirteenth Amendment;  tragic mulatta;  Tremont Temple;

Underground Railroad;  Union League;  United States Centennial;  Urban League Club;  Ursiline Nuns;

Vatican;  Via Condotti;  Via del Babuino;  Via della Fontanella;  Via della Frezza;  Via di San Basilio;  Via di San Nicola da Tolentino;  Via Gregoriana;  Via Margutta;  Vicola di San Nicola da Tolentino;  Vicolo Alibert;  Victoria and Albert Museum;  Ville de Paris; Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute;

Walker Art Gallery;  War of 1812;  Watkins Glen;  Wayland;  Wild Fire (or Wildfire);  Williams and Everett;  Winnebago; 








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